UGHHHH so freaking annoying.


I feel like alot of the people I’ve talked with so far are soooo judgmental.  I thought this blog would be all about me & whatever I felt like saying or pictures I thought were different or unique, because it is MY blog isn’t it?  Idk it’s only my first week having this blog & there seems to be no upsides so far. I really love having a Facebook! But this, I’m not too sure. Maybe because Facebook is talking with people you actually know.  Hopefully it turns around!  I’m not trying to be Ms Debby Downer but that’s seriously how it seems right now. 

 & I made this blog to help people with my past experiences, but no one is requesting anything yet so it’s kind of hard.  Plus people on wordpress don’t seem to be into fashion/cosmetics (or from my experience so far).  Also people take what you post and critique it like it’s the only thing they have to do. Like seriously get a life & if you like it cool, if not then I’m sorry but that’s just what it is.  IT IS WHAT IT IS.

I kind of went into this blog thinking it would be a combination of tumblr, twitter, & youtube (in a way).  I wanted to be a fashion guru as in Youtube and help others, because I know when I need advice or a review about a product that’s exactly where I go! Jlovesmac1 is the shitss LOL.  Also I wanted to be able to express not impress my life and interests (tumblr).  But no one shows any love around here. 

But anyway, I’m done here for now.


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