what thee boutique is all about :]


hey everyone, so this is my very very first post so I’ll just let you guys know the purpose for this blog!!

So basically, I created this blog to share my life, cool pictures, funny videos, etc with whoever it may please! But also to use any of my past/present experiences to help others.  It’s weird because I would totally describe myself as a tomboy because I love love love to play basketball, but I also love shopping (& online shopping), fashion, getting my nails done (when I can afford it), makeup, getting a rockin body (for the beach of course), & all the other crap that comes along with being a girly girl. 

But with that said, I want to use all that & what that lifestyle has taught me, to help you guys! So if you have any questions regarding any of those things, FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT/QUESTION OR TO FOLLOW so that I can review products for you all!

& if I don’t recieve any requests, I will just do reviews on products that I either love or hate or something like that lol!


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